The first step is to email me and let me know your ideas and timescales.  If you are happy with your quote and I have confirmed that I can meet your timescales I will email you asking for detailed information.

I also ask for photos of the Bride and Groom and anyone else that will be included on the topper.  Most importantly I ask that you confirm colours as some are difficult to view on screen.

At this point I also ask for a 50% deposit paid either via PayPal or direct transfer, whichever you prefer.  Whichever method you choose I will ensure that I email confirmation of receipt asap.  If you prefer to purchase through another route I also have an ETSY shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop/artfulcaketoppers

I work through my orders in wedding date order and will advise of a proposed delivery date.

If you don't know all of your details or something changes its not a problem but I would like to know all the details 4 weeks before the delivery date.

I will send a photo of your cake topper before posting.

Feel free to contact me at any time to check on progress but I will email again to confirm delivery and your Royal Mail tracking no.

My cake toppers are so well protected as I have devised a packing system that works really works.  My cakes toppers have travelled the world, with the USA being a popular delivery destination, so I have ensured that I use materials that protect my cake toppers, I spend too many hours designing them to risk them getting damaged.

I receive some lovely reviews from my customers and I am delighted when I receive feedback and a photo of the cake topper on the cake.  My couples tell me that the cake toppers are such a talking point throughout the reception and are kept pride of place as a perfect lasting keepsake of their special day.