Uniform Cake Toppers

Uniformed Wedding Cake Toppers

Uniformed wedding cake toppers are very popular and this RAF Groom with his Bride & colourful bouquet is personal and unique to them.  They make a lovely keepsake of their special wedding day which will last forever.

It is the details that make the wedding cake topper.

The details are all made of clay including the RAF badges and medals.  It is all the details that make the cake toppers so unique and personalised to each of my couples.  The details of the uniform have to be correct.  The lace details of a wedding dress that is so special to a bride has to resemble features of the dress.   The right colour of fur of a beloved cat, dog or rabbit is very important to the Bride & Groom.

I spend a long time trying my best to get all the details correct to ensure that they will be the perfect keepsake for mu customers.

Sugar or Clay

Unlike sugar cake toppers, polymer clay wedding cake toppers will last forever, if looked after properly.  So keeping dry and cool and away from direct sunlight is essential.  Sugar cake toppers are lovely but will eventually decay and deteriorate.